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Re: CANARY BREEDERS please advise me

Posted by Elizabeth on 6/26/06
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    Make sure you are offering soft foods (you can buy
    commercial egg food, just keep an eye on the sugar if you
    can, if you have more than one availible buy the one with
    the least amount of sugar/filler).

    Make sure to keep the cage stocked with clean water, a
    seperate container of soft food and their regular diet. You
    should hear mom feeding the babies every so often - if you
    put in a soft food wait discreetly if you can and within
    about 15 min you should hear her feeding the babies.

    Besides egg foods you can offer fresh veggies as well. (I
    shred some carrots which they like, anything healthy veggies
    wise, fresh is best. Remove uneaten fresh foods w/in an hour
    to prevent spoiling in the cage.) Try not to watch her to don't want to make her paranoid. She is a first
    time mom but most canaries feed just fine. Mom should take
    care of her babies...Best wishes.

    On 6/26/06, kim wrote:
    > Someone please tell me that mama canaries will take care
    > her newly hatched babies!!! I discovered 3 newly hatched
    > babies this morning!! my little mama has sat on eggs
    > but this is the first time any have ever hatched!! I am
    > a breeder!!! what do i do about these little darlings???
    > i just leave them alone??