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Re: CANARY BREEDERS please advise me

Posted by Elizabeth on 7/01/06
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    Ok, if the other eggs all hatched then the last ones should. Did
    Mom sit on her eggs right away or did she wait a few days to
    settle in? If she sat right away their will be a larger gap in
    age from the oldest to the youngest. Which means depending on
    clutch size that the littlest may be to little to make it, it
    may, depends how big the clutch, if they have been parents
    before and how strong that chick is. Each situation is

    If you are planning on banding the babies L&M Leg bands are
    great. :-) Banding is easier - you need to think what you are
    doing with the babies too as they are little now but if you want
    to sell them you should start your search for new homes.

    Leave Dad in with Mom, he helps feed her while they raise their
    babies. Closer to when the babies are more independant than you
    need to watch Dad, sometimes they will feel babies are old
    enough and pick on them. Then he needs to be placed in his own
    cage to prevent him from picking on his babies.

    Babies wean pretty quick overall, around 6 weeks on average...
    What type of canaries do you have? While they wean offer
    moisented pellets, soaked seed (hard seed is more difficult for
    them at this point being babies), eggfoods, some soaked millet,
    fresh veggies (I shred carrots and other dark veggies - the
    darker the color the more rich in vitamins it is).

    If you have more questions I am around....
    Have a nice day, Best wishes~!

    On 6/29/06, kim wrote:
    > Thank you Elizabeth!! I appeciate the info and have takenn
    > your advice -- you have been very helpful. I am happy (and
    > relieved) to tell you the babies are thriving!!! I am so
    > excited. As you know they are amazing to watch. I hope you
    > don't mind a couple more questions---Do you think the last
    > other two eggs will hatch? Do all the eggs usually hatch? Is
    > it ok to keep the daddy in the cage with them...he is singing
    > like a proud papa...everyone seems happy.
    > Thanks again for taking time to respond to my post