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Re: finches

Posted by buddy on 7/13/06
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    On 7/11/06, cindy wrote:
    > hello im new to this and i just got 2 little finches
    > theyare so cute i got them for the kids 9 and 10 yrs old
    > what kind of cages do they like and whattall ones or square
    > ones i have them right now in a square cage they seem to be
    > going to the top when someone goes by they tell me that
    > they are males but how could i tell besides a dna test and
    > can they eat that grit anything else that i need to knwo
    > about these little finches

    well they'll be ok in any kind of cage as long as its big
    enough for them to fly around in, also what kind of finch are
    they and yes they can eat grit but its only for their
    digestive system. you'll need to feed them seeds and greens.