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Re: finches

Posted by Elizabeth on 7/13/06
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    On 7/13/06, buddy wrote:
    > On 7/11/06, cindy wrote:
    >> hello im new to this and i just got 2 little finches
    >> theyare so cute i got them for the kids 9 and 10 yrs old
    >> what kind of cages do they like and whattall ones or square
    >> ones i have them right now in a square cage they seem to be
    >> going to the top when someone goes by they tell me that
    >> they are males but how could i tell besides a dna test and
    >> can they eat that grit anything else that i need to knwo
    >> about these little finches

    Depends on the size of the cage, if it is one of the "finch"
    cages they need a larger one. The ones that cost around 10
    dollars are better suited for vet cages or hospital cages. I
    would not put finches in those cages as finches need to fly to
    excersize and be healthy. I personally prefer a 18x18x30 for a
    pair. It gives them lots of room to fly and allows you to put
    in some natural branches along with the reg perches.

    For foods I offer mine a pellet (zupreem is fine, I prefer
    roudybush but the finches do not take to it as well) and a
    quality finch seed mix.

    You can also offer healthy fresh foods - baby carrots, celery,
    spinach, lettuce, corn etc (the darker the color the
    healthier), fresh veggies and fruits. Wash the fruits first,
    mine prefer theirs diced, I offer more veggies than fruits,
    personal preferance. Exp. with what they prefer, keep offering
    even if they turn their beaks up- persistance wins.

    Make sure you offer fresh water at least once daily as they
    will bathe, drink and poop in their water. Oh, and the most
    important part, ENJOY.