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Re: Elizabeth, I have another question about my baby canari

Posted by kEna on 7/22/06
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    On 7/21/06, kim wrote:
    > Thank you for the info and advice! I am going to keep these
    > three babies and try not to have any more.. I am not a
    > but I do love the birds. It has been facinating to watch the
    > whole process. I am amazed at how fast they grew and
    > I now understand why breeders love the hobby but I am going to
    > leave it to those that know what they are doing

    I love breeding canaries...they are a fun species to watch grow
    and yes they grow fast~! Personally I like canaries/finches as
    they are neat to watch and have so much personality....

    That and a species that you don't handfeed is nice when you have
    other babies hatching.. :-)