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Re: I have another question about my baby canaries

Posted by Kitty.J on 8/18/06
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    On 7/20/06, kim wrote:
    > I have been doing alot of reading since my canary hatched
    > her babies. The babies are doing great!! My question is
    > when do I separate them from their mama?the mom is still
    > feeding them every once in a while-- I read somewhere that
    > they are not completely weaned until about 6 weeks I read
    > somewhere else that after 3 weeks they should be taken
    > from the mom. The mom is building another nest now --the
    > babies are 3 weeks old. I would also like an opinion on
    > whether or not canaries should share a cage. I have read
    > that canaries don't like to share a cage and others books
    > say canarys are very social and like a cage mate.
    Right when they fledge the nest its best to take the mom
    away (but not in all cases) because the male will be the
    dominant feeder and prime care taker of the young one.