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Re: Interest in handfed finches?

Posted by Elizabeth on 7/27/06
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    On 7/24/06, jt wrote:
    > Does anyone know if the public has any interest in handfed
    > finches? I've read that they are rare, but I had four this
    > year and I loved it so much that I'd like to do it again,
    > but I know I couldn't keep all of the babies. Would people
    > actually buy them? How much would a handfed zebra go for?
    > Thanks, jt.

    Finches are one species that are inexpensive and I think you
    would find it rare for someone to want to pay any more than
    the standard price no matter how it is raised.

    Unlike parrots that people take out to interact with,
    finches, are flight cage pets. So really I think it is
    better to allow mom and dad to raise them if possible to not
    only get the crop milk that we can not duplicate not to
    mention handfeeding a finch is time consuming and risky.

    It is fabulous that you do so well with it as most finches
    do not always make it when handfed I just do not think
    people will pay more for a handfed finch. IMO.