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Re: Orange weavers turned brown?

Posted by Kitty.J on 8/18/06
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    On 7/30/06, aimee wrote:
    > hi everyone,
    > my orange finches have lost their brilliant color in the
    > past6 months and now only have brown feathers. Has this
    > happened to anyone else? Could it be seasonal or diet
    > related?
    > thanks in advance for any advice!!

    Usually my orange weaver would stay orange all yr aorund.
    Maybe because of the controled environment, maybe he is
    experiencing more cooler temps now over in his home? Males
    will molt out of there brilliant colors when they are out of
    condition to breed. They will take up to 6 months+ to get
    back in there condition. Cant say how long it takes them to
    molt out because my male has never molted out for the past 2
    yrs of having him. But I can say he shows a attraction for
    my female society and zebra finches, lol