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Posted by Jen on 8/05/06
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    On 8/04/06, Teri wrote:
    > Could someone please give me some advise...
    > I have just found little red bugs..and some darker colored
    > ones in some of my canary cages.
    > Upon a closer look they are on some of my birds.
    > Im freaking out here!
    > Please tell me the best way to clear this up!
    > Thanks!

    There are some sprays that can be obtained from your local
    pet store that you can spray onto your bird, but first his
    cage must be completed scrubbed clean (roof, walls, and
    floor) and rinsed thoroughly with clean water. These red
    mites suck the blood of your canary and can be very
    debilitating. If I were you, however, I would seek the help
    of an avian veterinarian, as some of the sprays can be used
    incorrectly and can kill your canary. Please keep us posted.