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Re: Can 1 canary live with 6 zebra finches

Posted by Sonoma on 8/08/06
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    On 8/08/06, Wren wrote:
    > We have one canary who has recently lost her mate. Is it
    > possible for her to join our 6 zebra finches. They have a
    > huge cage. We have several other canaries but they have
    > mates and live in their own cages.

    Actually, a Canary is a type of finch, but mixing them is
    not a great idea. Even two Canary's are usually kept in
    separate cages unless breeding and Finches like the Zebra
    can also be quite aggressive when it comes to the matter of
    who's whos partner and not.

    I am sure there are more knowledgeable people here on
    canaries, but I'd say the Canary would be quite happy in her
    own cage alone. Most domesticated Canaries the world over
    live alone as the only bird in the house.