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Re: canary leg problem

Posted by Phil/Wild on 8/27/06
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    On 8/27/06, Albert B wrote:
    > I have a canary in the outside aviary that has developed a
    > leg sore wright behind its thumb, I have never seen this
    > before and was wondering if anyone has any idia on what it
    > might be, I have waited to see if the lump would fall off
    > but the growth stopped but the lump is still their. If
    > anyone has any input please get back to me ASAP.
    > Thank you
    > Albert

    Hi Albert. You don't mention what state you live in.
    But here in southern California,Lake Elsinore area. Were
    having a spider outbreak.

    I Had my friend at Inland Valley Hospital and that nite in a
    3 hr period three people came in with brown recluse bites.

    There are more than just venomous biting spider included in
    this outbreak,some are very poisonous and some are harmless.
    It those few in the middle or lower realm of poisonous bites
    that can bite you Parrots.

    I would take your Canary to the vet! Best of wishes.

    Warmest Regards Phil/Wild