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Re: no babies wanted

Posted by Kitty.J on 9/07/06
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    On 9/05/06, Pat wrote:
    > We thought it was a good idea to get a male Zebra Finch for
    > the songs and a female for company. She has been dropping
    > eggs all summer. We were told if we didn't want baby birds
    > to simply not provide nesting materials so we haven't. I
    > have noticed the male plucking her feathers and playing
    > them. Now I realize he may be trying to make a nest using
    > her feathers. She now has most of her tail feathers
    > and some off of her underside. What should we do? Provide
    > a nest or nesting materials so he will stop plucking at her
    > and remove the eggs? Maybe we should have gotten 2 females.

    2 females = extra eggs. 2 males = fighting. Unles they are
    siblings and have no females in sight. ALso society finches
    will do good with the same sex. But it seems like you have a
    young pair of birds. It'd be better if you seperate them.
    Also sometimes plucking is caused by bad nutrition makes
    sure you feed fresh veggies daily and egg foods :) good luck!