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Posted by jt on 9/27/06
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    On 9/21/06, Bobby wrote:
    > I have a baby finch and they all came out of the nest a
    > few days ago and then the little one i got home today
    > (they all go in the hut when dark) the little one was
    > seting out and i looked and her leg is side ways all
    > most and can not get in the nest i am just seting here
    > and she is stell geting fed by her mom and dad some
    > but i do not know what to do so if any body has any
    > thing let me know pls even if it is bad news

    >>> if she is still being fed by her parents, then that is
    excellent news. however, if you can (without causing the
    parents too much concern or fear) pick her up and physically
    put her back in the nest with her parents, im sure it would
    be better for her, and at least she would appreciate the
    warmth of others. during the day, it wont hurt to find her on
    the ground, but at night she may get too cold. good luck. -jt