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Post: Hi, Newbie here!! (and an update)

Posted by Pam on 9/27/06

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    Hello everyone,
    I am a newbie here, I am Pam and the mother of *Bobby*
    that wrote in a few days ago about one of our babies
    having a crooked leg. We have 4 adult finches (we think 2
    pairs), and they recently had a clutch of 4 babies.....We
    are new to the bird world, so I am still learning what
    they are called, but one female is a fawn, one is a darker
    brown and they both happen to be crested. The males are
    both pied chocolates......ALL FOUR BABIES ARE PIED
    CHOCOLATES LIKE THEIR PAPAS!! LOL I am so releived to be
    able to say this, but the baby with the crooked leg has
    been back in the nest with the others both tonight and
    last night! Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and say this
    looks like a great place to bookmark!

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