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Re: Hi, Newbie here!! (and an update)

Posted by Kitty.J on 9/28/06
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    On 9/27/06, Pam wrote:
    > Hello everyone,
    > I am a newbie here, I am Pam and the mother of *Bobby*
    > that wrote in a few days ago about one of our babies
    > having a crooked leg. We have 4 adult finches (we think 2
    > pairs), and they recently had a clutch of 4 babies.....We
    > are new to the bird world, so I am still learning what
    > they are called, but one female is a fawn, one is a darker
    > brown and they both happen to be crested. The males are
    > both pied chocolates......ALL FOUR BABIES ARE PIED
    > CHOCOLATES LIKE THEIR PAPAS!! LOL I am so releived to be
    > able to say this, but the baby with the crooked leg has
    > been back in the nest with the others both tonight and
    > last night! Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and say this
    > looks like a great place to bookmark!
    > ~~Pam

    Probably a society finch you got there. Congrats! To fix the
    leg situation "splay legs" you need to make sur ethe parents
    have good nesting supplies that will not catch their toes
    and legs in it. I use natural grasses that i disinfect and
    wash and set out for 5days then give it to them :). Also
    they love to use feathers. But the only way to correct thesr
    types of problems is either hand raise the finch, or give
    proper nesting spplies for your birds. Also there are boooks
    at the petstore that talk about finches and maybe a society
    finch book out there. I believe they may be societys because
    those are very common books same with spice finches. Can you
    show a pic? Also if it has red/orange beak and legs they are
    zebra finches. When having birds alway sgive fresh greens
    and veggies daily and wheat breds and egg foods. Egg food
    especially for birds. And also if you make srambled eggs
    crush the egg shell in with the egg and give to birds, they
    love it!! Any more Q's come on in and ask! :)