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Post: babies just hatched ! What next?

Posted by Claudia B. - P. on 10/19/06

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    Hi Everybody ~ I own an african gray, Zoe, a Greenwing
    Macaw, Luna and a lovie, Baby Bird. We were recently given
    an aviary filled with 2 zebras, 2 societies, 2 spice and 1
    European Gold. A few weeks ago the zebra layed 5 eggs and
    this morning I noticed that 4 had hatched! I am pretty
    clueless about how to proceed. Do I need to seperate this
    family? Do I need to pull and handfeed and if so, when? or
    do they take care of their own? Any special diet? There
    does not seem to be too much specific information out
    there, so I hope you can direct me! It's fun to have bappys
    and i want them to thrive!

    Claudia B.-P.

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