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Re: babies just hatched ! What next?

Posted by Kitty.J on 10/21/06
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    On 10/19/06, Claudia B. - P. wrote:
    > Hi Everybody ~ I own an african gray, Zoe, a Greenwing
    > Macaw, Luna and a lovie, Baby Bird. We were recently given
    > an aviary filled with 2 zebras, 2 societies, 2 spice and 1
    > European Gold. A few weeks ago the zebra layed 5 eggs and
    > this morning I noticed that 4 had hatched! I am pretty
    > clueless about how to proceed. Do I need to seperate this
    > family? Do I need to pull and handfeed and if so, when? or
    > do they take care of their own? Any special diet? There
    > does not seem to be too much specific information out
    > there, so I hope you can direct me! It's fun to have
    > and i want them to thrive!
    > Thanks,
    > Claudia B.-P.

    Your suppose to look this up before you breed and raise any
    animal. Just feed egg foods, greens and veggies, some wheatr
    breads. You should be always feeding greens and eggs food to
    you birds, even when they're not breeding. Birds cannot live
    on only seed diet. Good luck