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Re: canary

Posted by Kitty.J on 10/28/06
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    On 10/24/06, jane wrote:
    > due to breeding one of my male canary was in a fight over
    > a female Since from that fight i noticed his leg was 1/2
    > off i treaded it after awhile due to care [ PLACE IN A
    > PORABLE CAGE } and rest from the another he has pick up
    > but the leg is just hanging there
    > Is there any thing i can do?
    > Do you think it will be a good idea to place him back in
    > the big cage?
    > How long do female sit on there eggs for as i have a
    > female sitting now for 19 days is that normol?
    > Thank you for the time as i am a begging in this area

    Are you saying the leg is severed? Like dangling with some
    skin like as thow it was ripped off? Well if so I'd take it
    to the vet ASAP!!! It needs to be amputated or if they can..
    fix it. If it looks to be broken and jsut dangling there,
    then you might want to take it to the vet, they'll put it in
    a splint. NEVER EVER EVER, Try to fix it on your own. I
    tried this, and it made my birds leg worse, and it had to be
    amputated. If its just dangling there but still attached to
    the leg ok, and you dont want to take it to the vet, put it
    in a cage by itself (these things will happen if you dont
    know anything about the animals your breeding. Always watch
    your animals as you introduce eachother and NEVER put 2
    males in the same cage with females, thats suicide!

    And a female sitting 19 days on eggs insures your the eggs
    are infertile, unless she had 5+ eggs and just started to
    sit on them 10days ago or so. But what you can do to check
    if the eggs are fertile is, take them out with a spoon and
    candle them. No need o a candle for this, but a bright light
    bulb and put the egg over the lightbulb without touching the
    lighting with the egg (or use a flashlight, much easier) and
    shine the light through the egg, if you see e veins in
    fertile if not, its not fertile. Some eggs will Die in the
    shell. Thats called DIS (Dead in Shell) and you'll just see
    red or darker colors of yoke color. I prey you male brid is

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