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Re: Baby zebras missing feathers

Posted by KittyJ on 11/04/06
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    On 11/03/06, Nancy wrote:
    > We have some 3-week old baby zebra finches that have no
    > feathers on their necks or backs. We have had MANY, MANY
    > babies and don't remember seeing this on any of the
    > Is there something wrong with them?
    > Thanks,
    > Nancy

    The father finch has fullfilled is nest buildinmg
    requirements, so he plucks the babies ariound the nexk to
    fill the nest, what you can do is, give them a bit of
    nesting supply, but make sure they're not covering the
    babies, and remember to always give the parent birds enough
    nesitng material to start with... and give greens and
    everythign to fullfill the bird basic needs which they
    cannot get out of seeds.