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Re: picked on baby zebra finch

Posted by Jackie on 6/15/07
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    On 11/04/06, mary jane wrote:
    > I just took out a baby zebra finch out of my aviary due to
    > the fact that he or she was getting plucked to death. My
    > question is I took the baby out before the beak has
    > completely changed color. It is starting to change from
    > gray to orange will it eat on its own and if not what do I
    > do to feed it I have it in a what I call a hospital cage
    > with a female if anyone can help me with this I would
    > really appreciate it.

    I took my babies out when their beaks were still comleatly
    black. They fed on the seeds I gave to the parents just
    fine. I think that you would be fine feeding it normal food.