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Re: picked on baby zebra finch

Posted by KittyJ on 6/23/07
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    On 6/15/07, Jackie wrote:
    > On 11/04/06, mary jane wrote:
    >> I just took out a baby zebra finch out of my aviary due to
    >> the fact that he or she was getting plucked to death. My
    >> question is I took the baby out before the beak has
    >> completely changed color. It is starting to change from
    >> gray to orange will it eat on its own and if not what do I
    >> do to feed it I have it in a what I call a hospital cage
    >> with a female if anyone can help me with this I would
    >> really appreciate it.
    > I took my babies out when their beaks were still comleatly
    > black. They fed on the seeds I gave to the parents just
    > fine. I think that you would be fine feeding it normal food.

    Normal food? Seeds ar enot normal food. They do not just eat
    seed, and shouldnt unless you want to shorten your bids
    lifespan, and have a much higher chance to get health problems
    because of vitamin and nutrient defiency (caused by just
    eating seeds, or one types of feed) they need a VARIETY to
    stay healthy. A normal captive finch can live 10+years ON A
    HEALTHY DIET, on just seeds, its expected around 6-7. Remember
    a good size cage and stimulation helps them live a longer
    HAPPIER life too. Dont keep them in tiny cages. They need