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Re: eggs

Posted by Meg on 11/14/06
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    On 11/06/06, cindy wrote:
    > hi well i did have an egg but i cant find it nowhere i
    > dont know if they ate it or what but its nowhere to befound
    > and what kind of nesting materialls someone tol me to put
    > shredded kleenex in there is this ok i just put some on the
    > bottom of the cage and they carried it inthere its soo cute

    What kind of finch do you have? I've bred Society Finches. If
    you did not have a nest in the cage before the egg was laid,
    then your finch most likely destroyed it. Some types of
    finches are known for eating eggs. Kleenex is not a good idea-
    pieces could get swallowed. I think the coconut shreddings
    work the best.

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