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Re: eggs

Posted by cindy on 2/28/07
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    On 11/14/06, Meg wrote:
    > On 11/06/06, cindy wrote:
    >> hi well i did have an egg but i cant find it nowhere i
    >> dont know if they ate it or what but its nowhere to befound
    >> and what kind of nesting materialls someone tol me to put
    >> shredded kleenex in there is this ok i just put some on the
    >> bottom of the cage and they carried it inthere its soo cute
    > What kind of finch do you have? I've bred Society Finches. If
    > you did not have a nest in the cage before the egg was laid,
    > then your finch most likely destroyed it. Some types of
    > finches are known for eating eggs. Kleenex is not a good idea-
    > pieces could get swallowed. I think the coconut shreddings
    > work the best.

    i have zebra fnches tan yes i did have a nest in there since
    the very beginning and also now they have almost 8 or 9 eggs in
    there now its weird cause soetimes they will be just find then
    lie right now they seem like the female is chasing the male all
    over the place making a wierd noise like they are mad or
    something they go really fast making a weird noise i dont knwo
    if they are fighting or what but she has been in there mostly
    at laa times now sittig on the eggs so hopefully they will
    hathch the eggs i dont knwo what to do

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