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Re: Canary sitting on eggs for 16 days

Posted by velez on 11/20/06
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    On 11/17/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > On 11/16/06, velez wrote:
    >> female canary has been good at sitting on her
    > two
    >> eggs for 15 days now. We looked at the eggs and don't see
    >> any veins or any sign of life. Should we let her continue
    >> to sit on the eggs...she sits on them faithfully. How
    > long
    >> should we let her do that before knowing for sure that the
    >> eggs won't hatch?
    > Wait another week (you should know by 10 days later afte
    > rlast egg is lain if they are fertile or no. And then after
    > that give her a couple months of rest, or if its your
    > breeding season wait a whole month.. and only breed up to
    > 3times a yr. Make sure she and her mate has fresh veggies
    > and egg foods to insure fertility and healthy offspring and
    > well being of all the birds :)

    The eggs ended up not being good. When I looked this morning
    there was only 1 egg left. What do you think happened to the
    other one...did she eat it? I took the last egg out of the
    cage. Should I take her out of the cage now for a couple of
    months? Thank you for your help.