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Re: Canary sitting on eggs for 16 days

Posted by KittyJ on 11/20/06
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    On 11/20/06, velez wrote:
    > On 11/17/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> On 11/16/06, velez wrote:
    >>> female canary has been good at sitting on her
    >> two
    >>> eggs for 15 days now. We looked at the eggs and don't see
    >>> any veins or any sign of life. Should we let her continue
    >>> to sit on the eggs...she sits on them faithfully. How
    >> long
    >>> should we let her do that before knowing for sure that the
    >>> eggs won't hatch?
    >> Wait another week (you should know by 10 days later afte
    >> rlast egg is lain if they are fertile or no. And then after
    >> that give her a couple months of rest, or if its your
    >> breeding season wait a whole month.. and only breed up to
    >> 3times a yr. Make sure she and her mate has fresh veggies
    >> and egg foods to insure fertility and healthy offspring and
    >> well being of all the birds :)
    > The eggs ended up not being good. When I looked this morning
    > there was only 1 egg left. What do you think happened to the
    > other one...did she eat it? I took the last egg out of the
    > cage. Should I take her out of the cage now for a couple of
    > months? Thank you for your help.

    Morwe than likely the birds ate the egg if you cannot find them
    on the bototm of the cage. And do please let her rest for
    several months :)