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Re: My Canary is still not singing

Posted by Kitty.J on 11/21/06
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    On 11/21/06, Debby wrote:
    > My guess is that you have a female canary. Most females only
    > let out what I call a squeek, Your canary should be singing
    > now. The only time a male will not sing is when he is
    > Debby
    >> I got a baby male canary in May and he's still not
    >> singing. He makes a lot of squeeky immature type of
    >> singing but not the real canary song. I'm not sure if he
    >> is a she since I really did have a hen that sang better
    >> than most males. I though that males started to sing
    >> pretty quickly. Any advice would be appreciated.

    If it was a Baby, and less than several month old. He may of
    needed another male to teach him a song. When I seperated my
    baby zebra finches (the last tiem I did breed which was over a
    yr ago) I placed them neara pair of my society finches, so my
    zebra finches learned a society finch song, soo cute and weird
    comming out of their mouths. But that is only a suggestion, I
    havent kept Canarie sbefore, but want to someday, they are
    sooo beautiful! G'luck