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Re: My Canary is still not singing

Posted by Debbie on 12/07/06
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    WOW it seems nice on here and not the crap thats on the other
    boards which is so nice to see. I dont check here often but do
    have a pair of canaries and wanted to see what other were posting.
    My male canary doesnt sing as much anywhere as he does in my
    kitchen where he can see out and there is prenty of sunlight.
    If yours is a male maybe try to move it to another place and see
    how that goes. My female doesnt sing but she makes pretty noises
    once in a while.
    Good luck.

    On 12/07/06, KittyJ wrote:
    > On 11/21/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> On 11/21/06, Debby wrote:
    >>> My guess is that you have a female canary. Most females only
    >>> let out what I call a squeek, Your canary should be singing
    >> by
    >>> now. The only time a male will not sing is when he is
    >> molting.
    >>> Debby
    >>>> I got a baby male canary in May and he's still not
    >>>> singing. He makes a lot of squeeky immature type of
    >>>> singing but not the real canary song. I'm not sure if he
    >>>> is a she since I really did have a hen that sang better
    >>>> than most males. I though that males started to sing
    >>>> pretty quickly. Any advice would be appreciated.
    >> If it was a Baby, and less than several month old. He may of
    >> needed another male to teach him a song. When I seperated my
    >> baby zebra finches (the last tiem I did breed which was over a
    >> yr ago) I placed them neara pair of my society finches, so my
    >> zebra finches learned a society finch song, soo cute and weird
    >> comming out of their mouths. But that is only a suggestion, I
    >> havent kept Canarie sbefore, but want to someday, they are
    >> sooo beautiful! G'luck
    > Also if you want to help your canary to learn to sing. Go to
    > and type in Singing Canaries and play singing
    > canaries to the bird so he know how to make up his songs.. do it
    > several times throughout the day.