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Re: Canary not sitting on eggs

Posted by Jo-Ann on 12/11/06
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    On 12/06/06, CDB wrote:
    > Good morning! I need some advice/input, please. I have a
    > young yellow female canary and introduced a red factor
    > male approximately 2 1/2 weeks ago. The female created a
    > nest and laid 3 eggs on successive days, starting 5 days
    > ago; and was sitting on the eggs. Then on the 4th day, she
    > was not sitting on the eggs, and it looked as if the male
    > was trying to mate with her again. I seperated them. The
    > female has just laid a 4th egg (day 5) in another place
    > in her cage (not in the nest with the 3 eggs) and still is
    > not sitting on any of the eggs. What do you think?
    > Obviously, I am a novice and was not prepared for this!
    > Thank you.

    Just a thought - are they old enough to be parents? I've
    read hear and elsewhere that birds who are old enough to
    breed but too young to be parents are not emotionally
    equipped for the job and may not know what to do yet.

    If you don't want them to mate, could they be separated?
    Then you won't have to worry about eggs.