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Re: Breeding Red-cheek Cordon Bleus

Posted by PJ on 3/03/07
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    On 12/11/06, Kathy T wrote:
    > I have been fostering red-cheek eggs to a pair of
    > societies but have had many young fledglings die without
    > any symptoms of illness. I have egg food in the cage and
    > give them live mealworms periodically. I must be denying
    > them some nutrient they would recieve from parent red-
    > cheeks, but I am at a loss. If you have had success
    > raising red-cheeks, please give some advise.

    Societies carry campylobacter and something else starting with
    a C which often kills these babies but they themselves are
    immune. You have to treat the birds for it - check with your vet.