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Post: Any Ideas regarding Canary cage mates

Posted by Verdell on 1/02/07

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    I got a beautiful six year old male Canary at a bird show
    about a year ago. I have a Macaw and Quaker, but I thought
    the canary was so pretty and wouldn't need as much care.
    he's some type of Opaline something or other. I don't
    remember. Anyway, the breeder was getting rid of her old
    birds and he looked so unhappy. So aof aocurse I got him.
    Within a few days he was singing the most beautiful
    song,i've never heard a Canary sing so much and beautiful.
    He even got the Quaker to try and sound like him. Anyway
    then I got to thinking he looked lonely and that is why he
    was singing so much. So, I got a another canary from a pet
    store. They weren't sure if it was a male or female since
    it never sang, they thought it was a female. Since I
    really hadn't wanted to breed them anywasy, I went ahead
    and got her. They ignore each other now. When I first got
    her, she went to the food dish, he was by it, he opened
    his beak and flapped his wings at her. So, I gave them
    another food dish and they seem to be fine now. They just
    act like the other one doesn't exsist. It's been about a
    month now. Should I leave them together, or separte them,
    now neither one is singing. The possible female does make
    chirping noises and sounds like she is purring soemtimes
    though. I know more about Parrots than Canaries obviously,
    but I only have one of each parrot and know that once they
    bond to someone, they can get jealous... Also if anyone
    knows what kind of Opaline it is I would appreciate
    knowing. I should have wrote it down when I got him. He
    mainly white, with a little yellow around the face/wings
    and silver stripes on wings, body and tail. Also he has
    feathers puffing out from his sides that are really small
    and fine looking. he's really pretty. I would like to
    leave them together if it sounds like they are o-kay
    together, Thanks

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