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Re: Any Ideas regarding Canary cage mates

Posted by Verdell on 1/03/07
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    On 1/02/07, Benny wrote:
    > On 1/02/07, Dave wrote:
    >> On 1/02/07, Verdell wrote:
    >>>Thanks for all the info. I may get another cage and try out
    the two ideas. i.e. close together and over seven feet apart.
    The Opaline was definetly singing a song, you could hear it
    thoughout the house and outside. Is there any site that might
    have the different types of songs the different species sing? I
    would like to hear them. But other than DNA is there any way to
    tell if the one canary is female or male? I guess if the white
    really is a hen, I'll know for sure if she lays eggs.