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Re: Spice Finch eye

Posted by bill on 3/17/07
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    On 3/17/07, Arlene wrote:
    > My 6 year old spice finch has just developed what looks
    > like a swollen eye, and I can barely see the eye. I've
    > been trying to get help on line for 1/2 hour but everyone
    > wants money. I just lost my job 1 month ago, and I can't
    > pay for a doctor visit. please help me

    Your finch could have a seed hull or some other debris under
    it's eyelid causing an irritation and swelling.
    It could also have an infection in the eye.

    Without a vet visit, it's going to be a crap shoot as that is
    what internet diagnosis becomes.

    You could get an optic saline solution (cheap) at the
    pharmacy or discount store and put several drops on the
    affected eye every few hours to see if it helps to dislodge
    what MIGHT (not guaranteed) be causing the swelling.

    Without a proper diagnosis, this is the best that anyone can
    offer you. At least give it a try. It will not harm your
    bird and just may help.