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Re: Spice Finch eye

Posted by jdg on 4/27/07
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    Make some tea please. Let the tea come to room temperature and
    place a drop or two on the bird's eye with a Q-tip. Repeat
    every 3-4 hours for a day.

    On 3/17/07, bill wrote:
    > On 3/17/07, Arlene wrote:
    >> My 6 year old spice finch has just developed what looks
    >> like a swollen eye, and I can barely see the eye. I've
    >> been trying to get help on line for 1/2 hour but everyone
    >> wants money. I just lost my job 1 month ago, and I can't
    >> pay for a doctor visit. please help me
    > Your finch could have a seed hull or some other debris under
    > it's eyelid causing an irritation and swelling.
    > It could also have an infection in the eye.
    > Without a vet visit, it's going to be a crap shoot as that
    > what internet diagnosis becomes.
    > You could get an optic saline solution (cheap) at the
    > pharmacy or discount store and put several drops on the
    > affected eye every few hours to see if it helps to dislodge
    > what MIGHT (not guaranteed) be causing the swelling.
    > Without a proper diagnosis, this is the best that anyone can
    > offer you. At least give it a try. It will not harm your
    > bird and just may help.