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Re: Spice Finch eye

Posted by KittyJ on 8/21/07
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    On 5/05/07, John wrote:
    > On 5/05/07, KittyJ wrote:
    >> On 4/27/07, jdg wrote:
    >>> Make some tea please. Let the tea come to room temperature and
    >>> place a drop or two on the bird's eye with a Q-tip. Repeat
    >>> every 3-4 hours for a day.
    >> Never heard of THAT before. Now please tell me who you heard
    >> this from and what textes and books.
    > Old Indian medichine, what is it with you folks you got to see it
    > in a book and textes? A degree on Civil Engineering help?

    Im skeptical of everything anyone say delaing with medical problems
    and how to treat them UNLESS your a vet, an avian vet when dealing
    with birds.