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Re: female canary male finch is it safe to breed them?

Posted by Cathy J. on 7/08/07
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    Not sure my other response came through. Sorry if this is a repeat.
    You can attempt to cross canaries with finches. If successful, this
    would produce a hybrid called a "mule". Here is a link that may help:

    Cathy J.
    On 7/08/07, Cathy J. wrote:
    > On 7/08/07, Tammy wrote:
    >> Why do you have to put them in the same cage. If you want babies
    >> that badly at least get them each one of thier own species. Though
    >> it sounds like you may need to do some more research before
    >> actually trying to breed any of them.
    >> Tammy
    >> On 7/08/07, vanessa wrote:
    >>> On 7/08/07, Tammy wrote:
    >>>> Not sure if you misread this or what, but why exactly would
    >>> you
    >>>> tell someone it is ok to cross breed species. This is a
    >>> canary
    >>>> and a finch, not two of the same types of birds. I would not
    >>>> breed them.
    >>>> Tammy
    >>>> On 7/04/07, Bob wrote:
    >>>>> On 7/04/07, vanessa wrote:
    >>>>>> i have a female canary and a male finch, can i put them in
    >>>>>> the same cage and breed them or no????
    >>>>> Absolutely. I'm surprised you would have to ask such a
    >>>>> question.
    >>> Do you see what i mean i have been told yes and no one vet told
    >>> me yes the next told me no and others have said to try it but
    >>> they may not lay eggs, i dont know what to do?