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Post: Bird Walk in Central Park

Posted by New York Bird Club on 7/28/07

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    Saturday, August 11th

    Bird Walk in Central Park

    Time: 9 am - Noon

    We'll meet on the southeast corner of 81st Street and
    Central Park West on the park side entering the Park
    directly and taking in what wildlife may be in evidence
    along the way. Dependent on what we find we'll visit
    Tanner Spring, the Shakespeare Garden, pass by Belvedere
    Castle and head into the Ramble. Much will depend on what
    we find and where we find it. It will still be migration
    season so we should find many young birds and some late
    wildflowers. There's a chance for some early migrants
    heading south.

    Please dress comfortably and bring water and a snack and,
    if possible, binoculars. If you are new to birding, you
    will be given a few pointers abour using binoculars and
    doing birding.

    Our tour guide, Randolph Schutz has been birding since the
    1980's. Trained as a pediatritian, he quickly moved into
    psychiatry, then psychotherapy, and currently works as a
    coach. He writes poety, speaks French, paints watercolors,
    is fascinated by the workings of the human mind, entranced
    by everything living and loves birds, though when there's
    an interesting plant around he'll head for that, too. He
    has birded extensively around the metropolitan area, birds
    Central Park regularly and frequently, and has led both
    formal and informal birding groups for years. He birds in
    all seasons and most weathers, and while he loves unusual
    birds he's been known to be hypnotized by titmice and

    The walk is free to members; and $5 for all others.

    Please RSVP

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