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Re: Orane Weaver and Zebra finch

Posted by Nia on 11/08/07
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    On 9/14/07, John S wrote:
    > Can a male orange weaver live in the same cage with a
    > femal zebra finch? The cage is 24" x 16" with one nest.
    If you have them in pairs(zebra to zebra)( weaver to weaver)
    you can put them together.I have to pairs of zebra's and a
    pair of weavers and they do fine together. Be sure to have
    all, their own nest.You must have a aviary flight cage so
    they have plenty of room.If you are meaning if you can breed
    zebra to weaver, no you can't breed them together but you can
    cage them together in pairs.I have a very large flight cage
    and I have ringneck doves that just hatched two babies and
    all of my finches are in the same cage with the doves.The
    finches do not bother the doves at all and none of the doves
    bother the finches.They all live happily together.