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Re: White headed Munia - boy or girl?

Posted by Andrea on 10/10/07
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    Hi Barry,
    They're hard to tell visually, especially if they are young.
    Sometimes you can tell a mature male by the whiteness of his
    head. And, only a male will crow - they make a high pitched
    one note long whistle, followed by a few other notes and they
    look like they're gagging while they're doing it. Besides a
    DNA test, the crowing is the only sure-fire way to tell and
    I've been working with them for many years. Good luck!

    On 9/15/07, Barry wrote:
    > If I posted a pick of my new White Headed Munia. Could
    > someone tell me if they are boy or girl? How do you tell the
    > difference? I have an unrelated pair, that I am 75&37; sure
    > male and female....but not certain.