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Re: Re:I have 4 male strawberry finches

Posted by Alfred on 3/20/08
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    On 3/15/08, Wally wrote:
    > On 3/11/08, Kim wrote:
    >> On 11/27/07, Randy Turnbull wrote:
    >>> My male strawberry finch recently died and my cute little
    >>> female needs a new mate.
    >> Sorry. My male died since that was posted. I have no idea
    >> where you might find another, but you'll probably have
    > better
    >> luck looking for a male than a female. Good luck.
    > Randy... I have a male and I`m interested in your female...
    > Either way, please get in touch? Thanks!

    Hello everybody, I have 4 male strawberry finches in desperate
    need of females. I would be willing to trade a couple males for
    females if anyone is interested please call contact me. I live
    in Miami,FL..... Alfred