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Re: Female Finch's Keep Dying

Posted by Tammy on 11/30/07
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    Hi Crystal,

    Most likely the birds were ill when you purchased them.
    Unfortunately there is no way you will know for sure.

    I've been to my local Petsmart recently and many of the
    finches were not in good condition and too many birds in one
    cage. Illness spreads quickly in those closely confined
    conditions. Finches are very good at hiding their illnesses
    until it is to late and then they die very quickly.

    I would try to locate a breeder to buy from directly.


    On 11/28/07, Crystal Galvan wrote:
    > I purchased a pair of Zebra Finch from petsmart. Two weeks
    > later I noticed the female and male all fluffed up and
    > then the next day she was dead. I bought a second female
    > from a diffrent place and the same thing happend with the
    > fluffing up of feathers. It looked like she was sleeping
    > first, I thought it was weird in the day time. About an
    > hour later she was dead. Anyone know why this is happening?