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Re: Female Finch's Keep Dying

Posted by Beth on 12/03/07
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    Are thie Zebra Finches the only birds you have? If so, you
    may need to investigate to see if they are being exposed to
    toxins. Scented candles, insecticides & hair spray are just
    a few. PineSol will definitely kill a bird.

    On 11/28/07, Crystal Galvan wrote:
    > I purchased a pair of Zebra Finch from petsmart. Two weeks
    > later I noticed the female and male all fluffed up and
    > then the next day she was dead. I bought a second female
    > from a diffrent place and the same thing happend with the
    > fluffing up of feathers. It looked like she was sleeping
    > first, I thought it was weird in the day time. About an
    > hour later she was dead. Anyone know why this is happening?