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Re: My finches are dying

Posted by Alison on 3/18/08
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    On 3/17/08, Mishlady wrote:
    > I don't know what's going on with my finches. I've had 4
    > cordon blue finches die in the last 2 weeks and 1 zebra.
    > They were not exhibiting any signs of sickness just turning
    > up dead on the ground floor in the mornings. I'm out there
    > with them every day. I'm so sad. There doesn't seem to be
    > any mite problems or nutritional problems either. They are
    > in a large out door aviary and have fared well all through
    > the winter with a heat lamp that is still on. (we live in a
    > temperate climate in CA) This is so concerning because these
    > are all different ages as well. A few are not even a year
    > and the others were over 2 years old. Please let me know if
    > any of you have had similar problems.
    If you really want to know for sure what they are dying of,
    than I would suggest that you bring one of the unfortunate
    deceased birds to your Avian Certified Veterinarian and
    request that a neocropsy (autopsy) be done. Everything
    you'll get on the internet from people will be purely
    guesswork and nothing more. Good luck in finding the problem
    and hopefully fixing it. -Alison-