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Re: zebra finches keep on eating the eggs??

Posted by Tiffany on 4/29/08
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    Unfortunately this is one of those things that once it starts
    - it's REALLY hard to get it to stop.
    It's usually a result of the bird lacking something in its
    diet - and perhaps accidentally puncturing one of her own
    eggs, tasting the egg, realizing it's what she's been missing,
    and then habitually eating eggs from there on out.
    You can attempt to rectify the situation by looking at your
    diet you are providing - it must be lacking somewhere, or this
    behavior wouldn't have persisted.
    Do you offer your birds egg food and calcium (in some manner)
    daily? What type of seed are you feeding?
    Are you providing a broad spectrum vitamin supplement?
    This is really what you need to consider - but I have to say
    again, it is very difficult to change this behavior once it's
    become a common problem. My advice (if you are trying to
    breed this female) is to try getting another breeder female


    On 4/24/08, cindy wrote:
    > i as wondering if anyone knew why the female zebra finch
    > is eating her own eggs am i not doing something right or
    > am i missing something to give them with their food or
    > what please help...

    Gouldians Galore