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Re: why are my canary chicks dying?

Posted by Tiffany on 4/30/08
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    Failure to thrive..
    With young finches in the nest it's practically impossible to
    notice any changes in health or determine the actual cause of
    Though - it can almost always be traced back to the adult birds.
    A few possibilities: Coccidiosis, Gastric Yeast, Parasites,
    Bacterial/Protozoal Infection, poor genetics.
    Have you tried treating the adults with a broad spectrum
    Was it just one clutch that died or multiple clutches under
    different parents?
    If there are no outward signs of infection my first guess
    would be coccidiosis. No way to really know though without a
    trip to the vet - see if you can just take a fresh fecal
    sample in for them to culture.
    That will at least tell you whether there's an infection, and
    if so - whether it's bacterial or protozoal so you'll know
    which type of antibiotic to go with (amoxitex or tetratex).
    Good luck!

    On 4/29/08, jay wrote:
    > any advice please! we breed canaries and today a nest of 3
    > 8 day old chicks, 1 14 day old chick and 1 11 day old
    > chick (2 weeks ago) they have all died. they have the best
    > seed and soft food on the market. can anyone give ANY
    > advice on why they are dying. we do have more chick 10
    > days and under and they seem fine. tia

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