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Re: why are my canary chicks dying?

Posted by jay on 5/03/08
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    they are all from different parents, it seems they are getting
    to 14 days old and then dying. it upsets me so much as i just
    wish i knew what it is or what could prevent it. i looked up
    coccidiosis and 3 sites said it occurs in birds over 8 weeks.
    they were all feeding very well (they are in breeding cages in
    a bird room) and are checked 5 times a day with fresh water
    and seed twice a day and given cede egg food twice a day
    sometimes 3, and i would go in the bird room 6 am every
    morning and sometimes they could die within a couple of hours
    of me last being in the bird room, could it be anything to do
    with food? or is there a disease that could be causing it? the
    parents are all in very good condition. im also worried as i
    have to pairs of gouldian finches on eggs in the same birdroom
    and its my 1st time breeding finches and i wouldnt want
    anything to happen to them. thanks so much for any advice as
    im going out of my mind!