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Re: i have a question on chocolate society finches

Posted by Beth on 10/19/08
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    If they both sing, even if one is singing more than the other,
    you probibly have two males. Only the males sing. If you put
    a female in there, they would both be trying to sing and get
    her attention. There is no color variation in societies. You
    can only tell by the display when courting. If you are
    looking to breed, best to go to a store that has several, and
    watch for a while. See who the males are singing to and get
    that one. Your males will like her. Make sure you have one
    female for each male. I have been breeding them for years.

    On 9/28/08, Brenda wrote:
    > On 5/14/08, Naomi wrote:
    >> well i was wondering how do you tell a male and a female
    >> chocolate society finches apart?
    >> they both kinda sing but the one sings more and is kinda
    >> more active then the other one and one is bigger and the
    >> other one is smaller. they both have pretty much the same
    >> markings and definatly the same colors
    >> i am clueless
    >> e-mail me at if you know how
    >> to or to tell me which one might be the male and female.
    > Society male sings long tune. Female makes chirp sound only.
    > Size doesn't matter. That is the only way to tell.