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Post: singing canary

Posted by Leslie Lee on 5/21/08

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    ok here's my story hope someone has answers because I'am
    quite confused.
    My mom buys a yellow canary at petco...months go by and it
    never one day she goes back to petco and tells
    her Her story. petco tells her that its just too young
    give it a couple months go by and now the yellow
    canary has laid two eggs in it's seed back to
    petco we go with eggs in hand and again we tell her story.
    petco then sales her a orange male canary it does sing we
    are told.....few months go by and my mom becomes a foster
    mother and finds she doesnt have the time to take care of
    all her birds so she gives them to me. So these canarys
    are fed eggfood,petamine,seed,apples,etc etc etc very
    happy little I look in the cage and
    counldn't find the orange male..found him in the seed dish
    sleeping...yellow female starts singing its little head
    off like an opera singer. what in the heck is going on?

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