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Re: Unexpected Baby Canaries

Posted by Jane on 11/07/08
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    Thanks for the reply.... the babies have long since grown up
    healthy and strong! I fed them mashed up hard boiled eggs and
    cooked brown/wild rice mix, along with soaked bird seed.
    Seemed to do the trick! Within one short month, they were all
    grown and flying!

    I kept one, a lil' goofy female, the oddball of the bunch- 3
    looked like identical sparrows with golden breast markings,
    and this one came out with a pastel yellow cap and back, with
    pale grey ticking on her breast, and sparrow brown wings. She
    was the first to jump out of the nest, so I named her Alpha.

    The others went to the local pet store, I hope they found good
    homes! Now I know, mom and dad can really hatch eggs, so I
    will be substituting fake ones come spring!


    On 11/07/08, Sharon wrote:
    > There is a way to feed a healthy diet for feeding parents
    > with babies that will not spoil.
    > I chop up the veggies fine and add some petamine to it.
    > I also feed a bird bread that i make.
    > You can make up egg food and use a dish just for it put it
    > in in the morning when you get up and while you are getting
    > ready for work and than pull it before you leave
    > Sometimes we have to make sacrifices when we have pets and a
    > extra 20 or 30 minutes in the morning can not hurt for the
    > month and a half or so it will take for them to get fed up
    > good.
    > Also a dish of canary pellets (crumbles) is good as well.
    > I also sprinkle dry handfeeding formula on the food to boost.
    > Also offering Bird bread that you can make with all the
    > veggies and fruits and healthy goodies in it This can be
    > made once a week cut and wrapped and in the morning take out
    > a small square heat a little bit and add to cage. It does
    > not spoil and offers lots of good nutrition.
    > I have a few recipes if you want them.
    > You can also find some online.
    > You can offer the egg food/soft food dry in a cup while you
    > are away.Give it wet while there before leaving and when you
    > get home
    > Also you can offer sprouted or soaked seeds without worry as
    > well which is good for them when feeding
    > this link offers great info
    > This is one of my favorite sites for info
    > Also maybe you can find someone who can come in and care for
    > them for you once or twice while you are gone if it is no
    > more than to put the food in the cage and remove it a hour
    > later.
    > I think though if you make a really good nesting food and
    > offer that in the morning before leaving for a hour and
    > then again when you are home you will be ok.
    > as long as you add the fruits and veggies and some pellet
    > food.
    > Also another important factor is water They need lots of
    > water when feeding babies.
    > Wish I knew you better and lived close I would gladly offer
    > to help in exchange for a baby. :0)
    > Sharon
    > On 5/26/08, Jane wrote:
    >> I didn't think the canary eggs would hatch (they never
    >> have before) but surprise! There are now 4 lil' baby
    >> canaries! They are now 5 days old.
    >> I work ALL weekend (do overnights) so I can't leave the
    >> recommended soft food and eggs. I left regular seed
    >> and "egg cakes" I got at Petco. Also broccoli. Everyone is
    >> still alive, but at least one baby has a swollen neck. Not
    >> sure if this is normal, or a problem. Any help? I was
    >> worried about the food, and hope it hasn't made anyone
    >> sick.
    >> I can give them the soft foods and eggs Tues-Sat AM, but
    >> Sunday and Monday they have to make do with what wont
    >> spoil.