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Re: Unexpected Baby Canaries

Posted by Pat on 5/06/09
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    Hi Sharon...
    I realize this post is last year but since I'm new to the site
    and was reviewing all posts pertaining to canaries; yours
    sparked interest. If possible could you please send me your
    recipe for the "bird bread"? I make my own eggfood but have
    only the one recipe for it. Everyone seems happy with it for
    now. Our Pineapple is sitting on another clutch currently and
    I'd like to offer other healthy foods in addition to their
    veggies for the entire group in the aviary. Also, our older
    male (2006) Peaches, always seems to be "at the buffet" first
    and last. He's getting quite plump and I wonder if he had not
    been accustomed to receiving veggies, eggfood, soften seeds,
    etc. and doesn't want to "miss out". He's not aggressive at
    all, not sick, just content to be plump, I guess. I don't
    want him to be too overweight tho, I'm afraid he'll sink like
    a rock mid-air! LOL. Do you think this behavior is ok?
    Thanks, Pat

    On 11/07/08, Sharon wrote:
    > There is a way to feed a healthy diet for feeding parents
    > with babies that will not spoil.
    > I chop up the veggies fine and add some petamine to it.
    > I also feed a bird bread that i make.
    > You can make up egg food and use a dish just for it put it
    > in in the morning when you get up and while you are getting
    > ready for work and than pull it before you leave
    > Sometimes we have to make sacrifices when we have pets and a
    > extra 20 or 30 minutes in the morning can not hurt for the
    > month and a half or so it will take for them to get fed up
    > good.
    > Also a dish of canary pellets (crumbles) is good as well.
    > I also sprinkle dry handfeeding formula on the food to boost.
    > Also offering Bird bread that you can make with all the
    > veggies and fruits and healthy goodies in it This can be
    > made once a week cut and wrapped and in the morning take out
    > a small square heat a little bit and add to cage. It does
    > not spoil and offers lots of good nutrition.
    > I have a few recipes if you want them.
    > You can also find some online.
    > You can offer the egg food/soft food dry in a cup while you
    > are away.Give it wet while there before leaving and when you
    > get home
    > Also you can offer sprouted or soaked seeds without worry as
    > well which is good for them when feeding
    > this link offers great info
    > This is one of my favorite sites for info
    > Also maybe you can find someone who can come in and care for
    > them for you once or twice while you are gone if it is no
    > more than to put the food in the cage and remove it a hour
    > later.
    > I think though if you make a really good nesting food and
    > offer that in the morning before leaving for a hour and
    > then again when you are home you will be ok.
    > as long as you add the fruits and veggies and some pellet
    > food.
    > Also another important factor is water They need lots of
    > water when feeding babies.
    > Wish I knew you better and lived close I would gladly offer
    > to help in exchange for a baby. :0)
    > Sharon
    > On 5/26/08, Jane wrote:
    >> I didn't think the canary eggs would hatch (they never
    >> have before) but surprise! There are now 4 lil' baby
    >> canaries! They are now 5 days old.
    >> I work ALL weekend (do overnights) so I can't leave the
    >> recommended soft food and eggs. I left regular seed
    >> and "egg cakes" I got at Petco. Also broccoli. Everyone is
    >> still alive, but at least one baby has a swollen neck. Not
    >> sure if this is normal, or a problem. Any help? I was
    >> worried about the food, and hope it hasn't made anyone
    >> sick.
    >> I can give them the soft foods and eggs Tues-Sat AM, but
    >> Sunday and Monday they have to make do with what wont
    >> spoil.