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Re: strawberry finch

Posted by Laurie Seals on 6/22/08
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    On 6/01/08, sharon wrote:
    > Is there anyone out there that knows of a strawberry finch
    > owner/breeder in the Northwest? I'm still looking for a
    > hen(s). Sure hate to see these little guys fade away &
    > would like to see the breed continue on.
    > If you even MIGHT know of someone please check or refer me.
    > Thanks

    Hi! I have just recently started hearing about the plight
    of the strawberry finches and how hard they are to find. I
    wanted a pair just because I thought they were gorgeous but
    they are so hard to find and now I'm hearing that they might
    actually "fade away"! I want a breeding pair so that I can
    help contribute to their comback and have had no luck. Did
    you ever find anyone that was selling them?